Jan 29, 2022

Kitchen Sink Example Test

This is a kitchen sink example that shows all possible types of content that you can use with the Platforms Starter Kit

Steven Tey
by Steven Tey
Kitchen Sink Example Test

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H2 Header

H3 Header

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This sentence is full of bold text, italicized text, bold and italicized text, inline code, etc.

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Ordered list, unordered list, nested list

  1. Item #1
  2. Item #2
    • Nested unordered item #1
    • Nested unordered item #2
  3. Item #3
    • Nested unordered item #3
      • More nested items
      • More nested items
      • More nested items

Inline Images


Static Tweets

Very excited to announce that we've lifted the domains limit for all Pro teams on Vercel! 🤩 This is a feature that I've been fighting for since day one for customers that are building multi-tenant platforms on Vercel – so happy that it's finally live! vercel.com/changelog/unlimited-custom-domains-for-all-pro-teams

Code Snippets

// pages/_middleware.js

export default function middleware (req, ev) {
  console.log('Edit and run at the edge!')
  return new Response({
    ip: req.ip,
    geo: req.geo, // this will spin the globe!
    ua: req.ua


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